From concept to creation, Aleut ltd’s will dive for food.
Diving in dirty drains

When performing underwater installation of structures or cleaning sumps, we are able to work not only in the complete absence of visibility, but also in aggressive environments.

Chemical Research

We are developing new composites for reinforcing concrete, protecting berths and anti-fouling treatment of yachts.We develop fillers to strengthen the casing of oil wells according to customer parameters.

Water treatment plants

We conduct research and offer scientific solutions to the problems of wastewater treatment enterprises. We develop flocculants, precipitants and neutralizers according to customer requirements.

Alternative Energy & Power

We have experience in observing the underwater wildlife. The study of his condition. Selection of biomaterial for research.

Sedimentation tanks

We pump out sludge and any sedimentary rocks from sedimentation tanks. We clean tunnels and channels from long-term pollution.

Pond Cleaning

Using ejector pumps of our own design and soft filters, we clean and deepen the ponds with the help of divers without polluting the water.

Little, cheeky, boring.

The most sensible company among the unbearable ones. The most adventurous among the reasonable ones.
Our Company is one of the Smallest
All employees, without exception, can to work underwater, use welding and repair equipment.
Our Experience Is Everything We Need
Almost workers have higher engineering education and extensive experience in the elimination of industrial accidents. Many of them continue scientific work. Half of the specialists worked as rescuers.
Skills Combined With Quality Materials
First we think and calculate. Then we think again. Once again we consider. We work further until the victory is over.

Some of our projects

Recent Works
Ship lifting

Raising a sunken barge weighing 400 tons from a depth of more than 20 meters.

Construction date: April 2019

Location: Russia, Siberia, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra

dollerValue: $269.120

The Chelyabinsk meteorite

The largest fragment found had a total mass of 654 kg (1,442 lb) and was raised from the bottom of Lake Chebarkul

Construction date: 16 October 2013

Location: Russia, Chelyabinsk Oblast

dollerValue: $79.811

Heroes are needed only where there are no professionals.

Why Clients Love Us

““We trust them even more””

They study our processes and pain points and with every tool they recommend and with every technical suggestion they make - we trust them even more.

Ural State Forest Engineering University, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Alex V. Sviridov
PhD Chemical faculty USFEU

“We were told that this was impossible”

Search and rise of the Chelyabinsk meteorite was a unique diving operation. There was no shipping in the lake. To find and lift the meteorite up from the 15 meters of silt sediment is some kind of magic.

Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia
Boris Dubrovsky
Head of the Chelyabinsk region

“AWESOME... I love it!!!”

In the middle of the swamps, where it is impossible to bring heavy equipment, they lifted up the barge weighing 400 tons from the bottom of the quarry from a depth of more than 20 meters.

Oil Production Department
Sergey Neroda
Foreman CPPD UNG

Our Professionals

Meet the Team
Nick Murzin
He is the heart of this small company, because he was the one who started it all. Industrial diver, engineer, chemist, ecologist, paratrooper, bomb, writer, husband, father, grandfather.
Andrey Yazovskikh
Head of Operations
He is our brain and the source of non-trivial solutions. Encyclopedic education and horizons. He is very devoted. Psychologist, diver, scholar, writer.
Murzina Marina
She is our treasure island keeper. The highest i-Q at the enterprise. The most beautiful accountant in the world. Without her consent, we do not get to work. Not a diver, but practices kungfu.
Aleksandr Timofeev
He is the soul of the firm. He is very devoted. His work at the enterprise has been going on for 6 years and the level of skill is constantly growing.
Max Kersantinov
Chief programmer
Manages all computers and restarts the server with a free will. Big, strong and beautiful diver.
Olga Pavlova
She is our internal standard of beauty and an indicator of the level of common sense. Only due to her prudence, we do not work around the clock and for free. Mom of two young karate kids.
Aleksey Sudilovskii
Machinist, Diver
He is the soul of the firm. He is very devoted. His work at the enterprise has been going on for 6 years and the level of skill is constantly growing.
Sergei Ladeischikov
He is our indicator of good mood. He says best of all - "It could have been worse."

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